Big Dreams and A Culture of Partnership


Big Dreams and A Culture of Partnership


Urban Capital Alliance, LLC is pleased to present 680 Park Avenue West

The Property is the first in a series of Shovel Ready Projects located in a designated Opportunity Zone  presented by Urban Capital Alliance, LLC. We are currently working with Fund Managers to create the (Opioid Addiction Center Fund), the UCA  0Z Fund will invest exclusively in developing Opioid Addiction Centers and creating long term leasing opportunities for  National Operators of Opioid addiction Centers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia. The first project is located in the Mansfield, Ohio Opportunity Zone, we intend to acquire and retrofit the existing commercial building currently under contract, which will be leased to a National Opioid Addiction provider, upon completion. Additionally, conceptual plans to develop a (60) bed  Residential  Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and (14) (1) and (2) bedroom transitional housing units  will be added to the existing commercial building. 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 enacted by Congress set out the formation of Opportunity Zones throughout the USA with the intent of catalyzing growth in various census tracts. Based on the parameters of the program, we believe that each fund should be site specific aligning the timing of the fund and project, optimizing the benefits for investors.

Why a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) Matters: qualified opportunity zone

Capital gains invested into a QOF within 180 days can earn the following tax relief incentives:

No capital gains taxes on gains earned on an investment held in the QOF for at least 10 years. The investment can continue to accrue these tax-free gains until December 31, 2047.  A deferral on current capital gains tax payment until April 15, 2027.   A reduction in the original capital gain by 10% for investments held in the QOF for 5 years (if invested by December 31,   2019). A reduction of an additional 5% (for a total of 15%) of the original capital gain for investments held in the QOF for 7 years (if invested by December 31, 2019).

A capital gains taxes on gains earned on an investment held in the QOF for at least 10 years. The investment can continue to accrue these tax-free gains until December 31, 2047. For a fund to qualify as a QOF, at least 90% of its assets must be held in a Qualified Opportunity Zone. A QOF must measure and certify fund assets semiannually to comply with this ratio test. For real property investments QOFs must either place all the capital into a qualifying property within these measuring periods or set any capital aside for placement into a specific asset within 31 months, subject to specific requirements for proper compliance. For an investment to qualify, the QOF must place additional capital into a project that is at least equal to the value of the existing physical improvements at the time of acquisition within this 31 month window.

The Opportunity Zone legislation leverages private investment, creating jobs and transformational opportunity for those areas. Our goal through the OAC OZ Fund is to invest in the build out of Opioid Treatment Center’s projects in Opportunity Zones only. We’ve limited the raise to $12 million allowing us to deploy capital in a focused manner that seeks to maximize investor returns.

 A Qualified Opportunity Fund is an investment vehicle classified as a corporation or a partnership formed for the purpose of investing in “qualified opportunity zone property.” At least 90% of the Qualified Opportunity Funds assets must be invested in qualified opportunity zone property. Capital Gains that are invested in an Opportunity Fund money must constitute equity, not debt. Properties in which the fund invests (directly or indirectly) generally must be substantially improved within 30 months or have their original use commence with the Opportunity Fund in the Opportunity Zone. The Fund generally intends to engage in ground up development or "substantially improve" an existing property by investing new money into a property in the amount of the original purchase price of the property allocable to purchased building(s) on the land.





We are entrepreneurs who realized the potential of community revitalization by partnering with fund managers, governmental agencies, non-profits, local community organizations, management teams, and experienced business owners to develop and sustain enduring, profitable entities/organizations long term. We are highly collaborative team players who believe that a culture of partnership, shared ownership and incentive compensation motivates long-term success.




We measure success by more than just dollars and cents. It’s also measured by the strength of our culture and partnership. 

We see every acquisition as a collaboration, where we partner with experienced business owners to help build, support and grow their businesses.

Our strategy is simple: Provide patient, long-term capital. Assemble a world-class management team fit to achieve ambitious goals. Incentivize all team members beyond market value for above-market performance.

 And have fun along the way.

We don’t over-burden our portfolio companies financially and we don’t look for quick exits. Our vision is to dream big, build lasting partnerships and substantially grow our company over a long period of time. 


At Urban Capital Alliance, we’ve been building in low-income areas for 30 years. We’ve seen first-hand the impact that capital and growth can have on these communities – enriching lives, enhancing value, creating jobs and increasing wages.

"Breaking the cycle of Poverty"

OPIOID ADDICTION CENTER - Planned redevelopment

680 Park Avenue West - Mansfield, Ohio


Shovel Ready commercial office building, the site is approximately 33,425 square feET WitH 33,425 square feet of useable office space., zoned OS Office Service District with applicable permitted uses.  The Building Is currently being used as a Opioiod Clinic.  The proposed re-development will encompass providing building upgrades for the exisiting Opioiod Clinic, adding a 60 bed residential treatment center transitioning individuals back into the community and building new residential transition units on the site.  Conceptual Designs and pro-formas are available upon request.

Commercial Building - Before Renovation


Aquired closed/distressed  Commercial Building via Defaulted Note (Negotiated acquisition price  with former owner & the IRS, completed select interior demolition, coordinated new architectural scope, specifications  and design.

Commercial Building After Renovation


Total Development Budget $10 Million - added an additional floor, completely changed the exterior and interior, reinforced the structural integrity of the building.  Units are rented to homeless Individuals transitiong back into the community.  Project funding included 9% Tax Credits.  Our  collobrative team secured  numerous soft sources 0f funds along with  coordinating essential wrap around services with various agencies.


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